Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Public Speaking Tips: Useful Packaging

Having your name in front of people more often gives you a better
chance of being hired. Here's a way that I do it.

I created a package for my Multimedia CDs and Ebooks on CD that
has a super high perceived value and was designed so that people
would keep it VERY HANDY.

The package is a very nice CD case that holds 12 CDs. Even with
the biggest CD purchase I have, I would only use about 8 of the
available CD slots. For most purchases I only use two of the
slots. This leave 10 other slots for people to put their music
CDs in. Guess where this CD case will reside most of the time . .
. That's right. It would be in their car or wherever their CD
player is.

Every time they grab for a CD my websites and my name are right
in front of their eyes. The case should also give them a good
feeling about me for giving them such a high quality item.

Any advertising specialty company can get you a wide variety of
these case and other types of advertising specialties that keep
your name visible. I like to stick with the very useful items.

The company I use is

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