Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Presentation Skills: Vulnerability

I learned a great tip, at the recent National Speakers Association convention
while standing around talking shop in the hotel lobby. John Meluso,
spent some time with me and noted that I was not showing any vulnerability at all near the
beginning of my program. I would roll along and then tell a signature story at the END
of my talk that bared all. John, pointed out to me that being the hard charging kind of
speaker that I am, that I probably have been alienating many of the more sensitive audience
members. It is likely that my style ran over them right from the start and caused them to retreat
for cover, thus making them very distant from me emotionally. Because of his astute observation,
I will change the order of some of my material to better connect with more subdued audience

An old boy coal miner friend of mine once told me, "The schoolhouse door is always
open." John, I want to thank you for reminding me that we all can get better.

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