Thursday, July 02, 2009

Last chance to register for tonight's teleclass

"Outsourcing: How to Get Rich Using Other People’s Labor and

This teleclass is guaranteed to make you more productive and save
you thousands of dollars when hiring people to help you achieve
your goals.

Tonight, Thursday July 2nd 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Can't make it? The first 200 to register get a complimentary CD
of the call and I pay the shipping.

In this teleclass I'll be showing you tons of ways you can make
your business move forward whether you are still working a
regular job, have family obligations, or you're just lazy hahaha

You Will Learn:

=> The 5 top sites where you can find thousands of freelance
people to help you achieve your goals . . . you can find
virtually any business or personal service you need.

=> 2 massive tricks to get cheaper rates when hiring a freelancer
. . . there is absolutely no reason to overpay for services

=> 5 criteria to qualify freelancers BEFORE giving them an
important project . . . just because they may live around the
country or the world doesn't mean you can't check them out.

=> How to safely pay freelancers so you don't get your checking
account wiped out or stolen . . . It can happen.

=> How to write a "work for hire" agreement to protect your
rights to the work you paid for . . . I'm not giving legal
advice, but I'll show you exactly what I use in my business.

=> How to write ads for all kinds of freelance work . . . I
will give you all the ads I use.

=> The number one technique to get the highest quality work out
of freelancers . . .You won't believe just how simple this is.

=> When NOT to use freelancers . . . You can blow a lot of your
hard earned resources on worthless resources . . . I won't let
you do that.

  And like all Tom Antion teleclass. . . you'll get much, much


Be one of the first 200 to register and get the complimentary CD


Sign up now!

I'll talk to you tonight.

Tom Antion


P.S. Don't forget - Telephone Bridge line space is limited and my
teleclasses sell out quickly. Visit: now before
all the complimentary CDs are gone and did I mention that the
shipping is on me?

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