Friday, June 12, 2009

Public Speaking: Role Reversal

This technique is always good for a laugh and sometimes brings
down the house.

Invite two people on stage that have opposite roles. It works
particularly well with husband/wife , boyfriend/girlfriend,

Have them play the role of the other person, i.e., the husband
acts as if he is the wife and vice versa. You could have some
funny props like a wig to put on the guy and give the wife a
handyman's tool belt, etc. (In many cases you will find it hard
to continue at this point because everyone will be laughing so
hard just from the site on stage.)

Brainstorm questions to have the pair ask each other and have
them answer as if they were the other person. Write these out for
both of them.

Have the husband (who is playing the part of the wife), ask the
wife who is playing the part of the husband, "where do you think
you are going with those golf clubs?" Either write funny answers
for them like, "I was going out to the garden to use them to hold
up the tomato plants" or just let them ad lib.

You could have competition between pairs for the best answers and
give out prizes.

This is a very fun technique, but you really need to brainstorm
on some funny questions and answers in case the people on stage
aren't fast enough to think up funny stuff on their own.

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