Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Public Speaking: More Speaking Humor

=> The worst part about the speed of light is that it makes mornings come awfully early.

=> Man is the lowest cost non-linear computer system capable of being mass produced by unskilled labor.

=> Miracle drug: One that you only pay ten bucks for.

=> Miracle drug: One that your kids will take without spitting it out.

=> When you wish upon a star don't forget it takes two hundred million light years to receive the request.

=> What can you expect of a universe that started out as nothing but a lot of hot air? . . . (sounds like many speakers I know) hahahaha

=> One good thing about the computer age. We can be wrong at astonishing high speeds.

=> If technology is making the world smaller, how come the phone bill keeps going up?

=> Genetics: The study of which parents family is responsible for the child's bad behavior.

=> Computers will never replace humans until they learn how to laugh at the boss's jokes.

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