Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I got a nice compliment from the self publishing guru Dan Poynter who attended one of my Internet Marketing seminars. He said,"Tom, you have a really nice balance of speaking and visuals." This was very pleasing to hear because it's exactly what I teach in the "Wake 'em Up Speaking System." During the course of a grueling, high content day, I:

1. Spoke
2. Used a variety of video CDs which I paused and discussed when appropriate.
3. Used a white board on the opposite end of the room (I made people stand up and walk to the back of the room to see that segment.
4. Used a comical prop to make a point.
5. Used other props as demonstrations and also made people standup and move to another part of the room to view them.
6. Used audience input.

Sometimes I use dueling flip charts. Here's a variety of positions that will keep them interested:

=> Two or more flip charts at the front of the room
=> Many spread around the room
=> One or more at the front and the others at the back of the room, or
=> Several at the back of the room.

The idea is to vary as much as possible the type of material the audience is seeing and hearing in an effort to keep their attention. Don't go too long without making a significant change in delivery technique. This technique works for keynote length presentations all the way up to multiday workshops.

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