Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Public Speaking : OLD PROPS

If you want to grab some attention to make your point, bring something really old to the presentation that means something to you (no "take my wife please" jokes here).

It could be a toy your grown child played with as a youngster, or it could even be one of your toys from when you were a child. A visit to grandma's attic will probably give you tons of choices. Have grandma or grandpa tell you stories of how you used to love that doll, toy truck, etc.

You could even record one or both of them telling the story and play a segment during your speech. (Get proper releases though because it would be pretty embarrassing to get sued by your grandmother for violating her intellectual property rights) hehehe I can see the court docket now, Nana vs. Little Binky

I have a pair of cufflinks and a tie clip I had as a boy. It could be just about anything. Use your normal prop handling techniques and relate the object to a point in your talk and the fascination with old props will work for you.

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