Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Public Speaking : CRIME SCENE

Here's a fun way I recently used to get multiple points across. I got a yellow and black crime scene tape from a novelty store. I invited five volunteers to the stage to "supposedly" make a square with the tape with one of the volunteers standing in the middle of the square with me.

I say "supposedly make a square" because a square never materialized. Either my instructions were poor or people were just having so much fun they didn't hear them. I'll opt for the latter :) It was more like an amoeba/moving crime scene, but it turned out more funny than my original idea was.

The idea was to have the person in the middle read out loud things that they might hear a web designer say. After they read the line, I would say to the audience, "You have just witnessed. . . " and the audience was cued to yell out, "A CRIME." After the audience said, "A CRIME" each time, I would elaborate on the point to tell them why the item was a crime and what they should really do.

For the last one, which was one of my most important points, I cued the audience to say, "A BIG CRIME."

I gave away prizes to my helpers as they were leaving the stage and the big crime scene tape was left in a heap on the floor to remind them of the points.

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