Friday, August 29, 2008

Public Speaking : Take a Peek

I usually have notes hidden around the stage, but the audience never knows that I'm looking at them.

I look at my notes that are lying flat on my table when

1. The audience is laughing
2. When I'm pushing buttons on my laptop
3. When I walk past the table looking down and holding my chin as if I'm thinking.
4. When I go to the table to pick up a prop or piece of paper.
5. When the audience is watching short videos on the screen.

Some people tape their notes to the floor when they are on a raised stage, but I don't like that because you have to look down too often for no apparent reason.

Another good trick is to lightly pencil in notes to yourself on the edge of flip chart pages. The audience can't see them, but you can when you are near the flip chart.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Public Speaking : Hover Ads

I get so sick of the pseudo experts giving out incorrect information about Internet marketing. I just saw in another speaking ezine a tip from a guy who obviously doesn't know what he's taking about.

He told speakers they should not use pop up boxes and that they were ineffective anyway because of pop up blockers.

This is half baked information which is typical of the pseudo experts. They tell you either wrong information or just enough information to make you dangerous to yourself. Even worse they keep you from maximizing your Internet potential.

My pop up boxes make me a small fortune by using sell down techniques for digital products and finance options for big ticket products. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I can assure you that you are leaving lots of your customer's money in their wallets instead of yours.)

1. When used properly pop up boxes are still very effective and I have not had one complaint about the ones I use because I don't use them in an intrusive fashion.

2. New and inexpensive technology is already here to defeat the pop up blockers.

If you don't believe me . . . turn on all your pop up blockers and try to block my ezine subscription sign up at

This pop up box immediately doubled my ezine subscription rate and it's great for all kinds of promotions that will get you a high response, . . . which means dough in your pocket.

It is called a "Hover Ad" and to the pop up blockers it looks just like part of your page, but to the visitor it looks like a pop up box that bounces in and lands on the page.

The company that created it also gives you five other formats for pop up boxes so you can fit just about any look you want.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Public Speaking : Fake Phone Calls

This is so much fun.

I keep my cell phone with me when I'm on stage and I either have someone call me while I'm in the middle of the presentation, or I just pretend the phone is vibrating and I have to answer the call.

Since the audience can't hear the person calling, you could fake the entire conversation if you wanted to.

Just recently I had the organizer call me on stage just as I was giving a small discount if the audience members wanted to buy my back-of-the-room package. The organizer was telling me that the discount I was giving was not good enough.

We started arguing about it on the phone which was making the audience members laugh.

Note: If you've listened to my 2 hour album on "Selling a Ton atthe Back-of-the-Room" you know that having the audience laughing in the middle of your close is a very good thing.

I gave in an dropped the price a little more on the package I was selling.

Immediately the phone rang again, with the organizer telling me that wasn't good enough. We had another argument and now the audience was really laughing.

I gave in again and dropped the price to the rock bottom and sold a ton.

You could pretend your mother or father is calling and nagging you about something. Or you could make up just about anyone that will allow you to make your part of the conversation funny to the audience.

Make good use of your cell phone while you are on stage and those will be some of the most valuable minutes you ever used.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Public Speaking : Audio Failure

Wouldn't you know it? I just got my laptop back from getting fixed because it was locking up. That problem was fixed beautifully, but the shop must have done something to mess up the headphone / audio output jack which I never thought to check.

I set up my seminar and plugged my external speaker / amplifier into the headphone jack as I had done a hundred times before. Terrible static came out of my external speakers. I tried different cables and nothing would fix the static.

The fix I had to use was to put a microphone next to the tiny speakers of the laptop which were working fine. This little trick was enough to save the day.

In fact, this is a handy trick in many situations when you think you are going to be able to hook a tape player or some other audio device into the main sound system, but can't.

It's also handy if it's just not worth the trouble to hook into the main sound system to listen to a brief audio clip.

I'll also remind you that I am a big advocate of handheld microphones. Being able to either hold or lay a microphone closeto a speaker is yet another reason I like them. This trick would be a real hassle with a clip on microphone.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Public Speaking : Last Minute Practice

If you happen to be staying in a hotel in a room next to mine, it is very likely you would hear parts of my upcoming speech bellowing through the walls.

Even after the enormous number of presentations I've done I still practice my stories and various bits of material the night before my event. I heard Zig Ziglar saying that he does the same thing.

Unless you are speaking every day, it is almost impossible to stay razor sharp with your delivery. Being a keynote / large event speaker, I may go 90 - 120 days between times when I tell certain stories on stage. The last thing I want to do is flub up a line or bumble through a piece of material because I hadn't thought about it for a couple months.

Don't get cockey! Practice your material several times right before you do your speech and you'll have a much greater chance that each word will come out perfectly.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Public Speaking : PATTER MATTERS

I talked about using magic in your presentations a while back in v2n9 In that article I briefly mentioned that the "patter" or what the magician says is frequently the way the fun is added to the magic trick.

Let's look at patter for speakers a little more closely. Patter when you aren't using magic could be things you say while someone is participating in a demonstration on stage or it could be while they are coming up to the stage or when an unexpected occurrence happens while you are speaking.

Suppose you were doing some kind of demonstration that required the participants to put paper bags over their heads. You could be cracking one liners like "Don't worry. This bag has been sanitized for your protection." Or, "This bag has been known to improve some people's love lives"

If a participant is walking toward the stage slowly, you could hum the Jeopardy theme or say something like "I think I'll stop by Starbucks and have a triple Frappechino Latte with foam, whip cream and cinnamon while I'm waiting for you to get up here." Of course you would say this in a fun rather than attacking fashion.

When something happens that totally distracts the audience like a police car siren going by the building, polished presenters use a form of patter called "Pre Planned Ad libs" like "Oh, My ride is here" or "I knew I shouldn't have taken my wife's anniversary present as a tax deduction."

Pay attention to the situations you either create on stage or in the audience and to the potential distractions that may occur while you are speaking and create funny patter lines to use during those settings and you'll really add polish to the entertaining parts of your talks.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Public Speaking : TELESEMINAR TIPS

=> Use a headset

=> Cut out all distractions on your end, like other phones ringing, kids, dogs etc.

=> Send good instructions to participants well prior to the call, telling them to mute their phone, no speaker phones, use a headset, cut out distractions, your policy on questions, etc.

=> Be very clear about start times and time zones so that people don't call in too early or too late.

=> Make handout and printed material downloadable. This saves you printing an mailing and if you do it right, any links you put in the handouts can be clicked on by the participant.

=> Tape the seminars to critique yourself and to create instant products.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Public Speaking : SAVER LINES

Saver Lines are what you say when your supposedly humorous statement does not get a laugh. You shouldn't be ashamed to have to use saver lines. The top comedians in the world need them and some purposely make mistakes so they can get a laugh from the saver line. Johnny Carson was an expert at this. After a poor response to a joke he would say a comically insulting line like, "May an aroused herd of Yaks make an everlasting commitment to your sister" or "This is the kind of crowd that would watch Bambi through a sniper scope." When it comes to saver lines there are two schools of thought:

THE FIRST SCHOOL OF THOUGHT is used more by comics and speakers who use a very high percentage of humor. This method is most effective when a speaker shows a high confidence level and is fairly experienced. Say a witty, mildly attacking line to force them to laugh after they didn't laugh at your joke or one-liner.

=> Do any of you out there speak English?

=> I've got a book for sale outside that explains these jokes. You may want to pick up a copy.

=> (If one person is laughing) Will you be kind enough to run around the room so it looks like everyone is having fun?

=> You have marvelous self-control.

=> I've got 20 more bad jokes just like that one and no one gets out until you start laughing.

=> [Pick out a well-known person in the crowd] Joe that's the last time I'm using one of your jokes.

=> I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing.

=> I was waiting on you a little on that one.

=> That was a Polaroid joke. It takes one minute to get it.

=> Everyone doesn't have to be funny all the time and I just proved it.

THE SECOND SCHOOL OF THOUGHT is used by less experienced speakers and speakers who don't use much humor anyway.

If you don't use a high percentage of humor, the audience may not realize what you said was meant to be funny. All you have to do is keep right on talking and delivering your message (do give them a short pause to give them a chance to laugh). As long as your humor is making a point, you will be forgiven if it is not tremendously funny.

TRICK: (advanced technique): Purposely set up a mistake or marginally funny joke so you can use a saver line.

TRICK: If no one laughs, you laugh. They think they are stupid because they didn't laugh. Then they laugh.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Public Speaking : CHECK EACH SEAT

When you are setting up your presentation room it's a good idea to actually sit in many of the chairs where your audience members will be sitting. You might even want to get someone to stand on stage and move around in the areas where you will be presenting.

You would be amazed at what they see. Your stage positioning may be blocking them from seeing visuals. Your visuals may not be as visible as you envisioned them when you created them. Maybe when you write on a flip chart you block off an entire segment of the audience which would tip you off to step away from the chart after you've finished writing down a particular bullet point.

Room support poles, video tripods, bad lighting, can all effect how a partcular audience member views your presentation. Checking each seat in advance gives you the knowledge you need to make appropriate adjustments so that each audience member can enjoy and learn from your presentation.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Monday, August 04, 2008


=>You know it's going to be a bad day when you jump out of bed and miss the floor.

=>I can handle pain until it hurts.

=>If you cannot convince them, confuse them

=>If everything is coming your way, then you're in the wrong lane

=>Do not believe in miracles, rely on them

=>Oh well, I think this is going to be one of those lifetimes

=>Death is life's way of telling you you're fired

=>In GOD we trust all others must pay cash

=>Death is the consequence of being alive

=>Don't worry about life; you are not going to survive it, anyway

=>Lead me not into temptation; I can find it myself

=>Don't take life too seriously it's not permanent

=>Wouldn't it be nice if there was an escape key for all of our problems

=>I'm serious, it was a joke

=>The whole purpose of your life is to serve as a warning toothers

=>Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself

=>Overdrawn? But I still have checks left! YOU KNOW IT'S A BAD DAY WHEN...

=>Your blind date turns out to be your ex-wife

=>The bird singing outside your window is a buzzard

=>You put both contacts lenses in the same eye

Friday, August 01, 2008

Public Speaking : POSTCARDS

Ok OK I know this isn't the high tech stuff I'm always using, but the truth is that hitting someone with a marketing message in several different fashions will get more results than depending on only one. I still love email because it is the cheapest and less risky of all, but post cards come next.

I sat in on Nancy Miller's mail session at the National Speakers association and got my first taste of organized post card promotions. She showed me really innovative and inexpensive ways to get your message across with postcards.

I then got a course from Alex Mandossian that filled in all the details.

I haven't done anything fancy yet, but I got immediate results just by sending out a plain black on blue cardstock postcard. I made it by cutting a regular sheet of cardstock in half whichgave me two postcards per sheet. I had it duplicated at OfficeDepot.

It immediately generated seminar attendees that just don't use their email as much as I do and at least one joint venture is coming out of it.

You can also use post cards to get the email address of people on your database. You could offer some incentive to sign up for your email newsletter so your marketing to that prospect is free from then on. Tapping your database is always valuable and postcards are a great way to do it.

If you would like to be on the snail mail list for my post card mailings leave your name and address at (As always your information is never sold or rented.)