Wednesday, November 05, 2008


by reader David Smith

Being well hydrated is a great way to keep from getting that raspy voice. But when you are less than well-hydrated there is a trick you can use that Marine Drill Instructors have used for years. That's right! Marine Drill Instructors, or DI's. As you might imagine, the DI's spend a good portion of the day barking out commands to their recruits, and if anyone is prone to lose their voice, it's a DI. Their secret? Lemon water. Squeeze a half lemon into a glass, then fill with cold water and ice if you like. Keep this somewhere on stage and have a drink when you first hear your voice rattle. It not only works fast, but it's very refreshing. Also, the slight pause can draw the attention of your audience or work as part of a transition.

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