Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Public Speaking : Visit a Party Supply Store

I was getting ready for a speech recently and visited my trusty party supply store. This is the kind of store that has wedding favors, birthday stuff for all ages of birthday parties, candy, pinatas, etc.

My mind really races when I visit this store. I get more ideas for funny skits and gags than I could ever use in any one speech.

On this trip I picked up graduation signs that were cut outs of a male and female head with graduation caps on. I got two people on stage with me and told them they were going to "graduate" from their old way of thinking. I had them hold the cutouts in front of their faces and we had pictures taken.

I also got some little clappers that looked like hands. They had a rope on them so you could hang them around your neck. When you waved them in the air they made a loud and obnoxious clapping sound. (I'm sure many moms wish they had never bought these for the kids at a party)

I saw Hulk boxing gloves, all kinds of oddball "sugar rush"candies, hula skirts and tons of other props and idea stimulants that would make for a great and funny routine on stage.

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