Monday, September 01, 2008

Public Speaking: Get Famous

I've been preaching for years that getting better known is the way to higher speaking and consulting fees.

I just saw an article about Sarah Ferguson AKA Fergie who is going to pull in a half million pounds speaking about . . . well, speaking about pretty much nothing.

This lady was almost bankrupt 10 years ago so she's the perfect candidate to talk about "Business Success" (said tongue firmly planted in cheek)

She also is a great example of how being famous can allow you to be a jack of all trades when speaking.

Being a jack of all trades is the kiss of death for a non celebrity speaker because you are perceived as desperate and willing to talk on anything just to pay your rent. "Jacks" also get the lowest amount of money because just about anyone can become one by delivering topics that others have created and using stories out of speaker's reference books.

Celebrity status let's you get away with this. Old Fergie is going to suck over a million bucks out of the money you could have had in your bank account if you could increase your celebrity status.

The good news is . . . . you can.

You don't have to be royalty to be a celeb "in your industry" and make way more than Fergie and on a more consistent basis.

Bottom line....pick an industry and dominate it. Make your name show up everywhere in that industry. Get articles in the trade journals, speak and have a booth at all the major conferences, create informational products specifically for that industry and you'll be on your way to "royalty" and "riches" in that industy.

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