Monday, March 17, 2008

Public Speaking : DEEP PENETRATION Part I

Many people that know me or have had me speak know that Iam a real stickler for pre program research. This researchallows you to connect with the audience on much deeperl evels than you could have without it. There are many ways to do this research. You can review trade publications, do Internet searches, secret shop retail establishments, and use a pre program questionnaire. I do most of these research techniques for every presentation, but the technique that is most effective for me is the telephone interview.

Interview at least 15 people before you speak at an event. Try to speak to a cross section of the people that are goingto be at the meeting. If they are all of the same rank and same job responsibilities, make sure that you get cross section from geographics, short timers versus old timers and/or male versus female. Be sure to get a wide range of views.

Ask some variation of these questions: A.) What are the three biggest challenges you have in getting your daily duties done. B.) Tell me about the organizational successes. C.) Tell me about the organizational failures. D.) Tell me anything funnythat has happened.

In Part II we will discuss how to incorporate this informationinto your presentation

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