Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Public Speaking : Why Use Humor?

Why use humor? Because without it, even a small amount, your public speaking event is going to bomb. Ok, well, maybe it won’t be a catastrophe but you can’t talk for hours on end and not introduce something funny and not expect someone in the front row to be fast asleep and drooling on your latest and greatest handout. Maybe your information is very interesting…so much so that your audience members are glued to your every word…but the longer your presentation, the less amount of time they will be attentive.

Unless of course if you make them laugh. Trust me, this changes everything about a public speaking presentation! Everyone loves to laugh and they’ll be at your feet the entire time waiting for another opportunity. Why do you think comedians are so funny? People don’t pile in the seats for content. They go for the laugh. If you can establish yourself as a humorous public speaker, you’ll have a waiting list for all of your engagements!

Here are just some of the ways humor is a useful public speaking tool:
** Makes information more memorable
** Lightens up heavy material
** You will be asked back
** Your speaking will get you higher evaluations or more sales
** You will make more money
** You will make people happy
** Overcomes overly flattering introductions
** Gets your point across without creating hostility
** Helps relate facts and figures
** Makes a positive impression
** Shows that you don't take yourself too seriously
** Helps paint pictures in the audience's mind
** Helps you connect with the audience
** Makes you more likeable
** Arouses interest
** Keeps attention
** Helps emphasize points and ideasDisarms hostility

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