Friday, December 14, 2007

Public Speaking : Roast Humor and Insults

Ed Sullivan and the Rat Pack always got a great laugh roasting their friends and family. But before you go and roast someone at a public speaking event, keep in mind there are a few precautions to take:

**Remember to include positive comments, as well as the insults in your public speaking humor. The roast is supposed to honor the person, not slam them the entire evening.
**Never make fun of people in lower positions in an organization, such as the secretary or the cleaning staff. This will only make you seem callous, which won’t add to your public speaking events schedule!
**Try roasting the group as a whole, which will minimize the chance that personal feelings will be hurt.
**Focus the jokes on unimportant issues that won’t be damaging!
**Try insulting someone’s strengths. This downplaying about someone’s positives is automatically humorous.
**Clear you comments in advance. Always!

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