Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Public Speaking : Quotations

To add another dimension to your public speaking engagement, try using a famous quote. This works well in two ways. First, if the quote is not funny than it doesn’t matter because another person said it. Second of all, if it is, you’re only adding another element of humor.

There are hundreds of thousands of quotes that you can use in your public speaking event. Quote books even offer sections dedicated to specific industries or topics. Be sure to pick a quote that is either relevant to your material or audience.

You can even change around the quote to fit your public speaking engagement, by just substituting a few words. In this case, instead of accrediting the source, just say, “Someone once said…” and then change it to what you wish. Someone once said, “A man who uses quotes in a public speaking event will at least have said one thing worth listening to!”

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