Monday, November 26, 2007

Public Speaking : Numbers are Funny

Numbers can be funny if you find a creative way to use them in your public speaking event. Just like Alaskans with snow, there are multiple ways to say numbers. For example, zero is zip, zilch, nada, etc.

Money, somewhat part of the business world I hear, also has several names; C-notes and Benjamins for a hundred dollar bill, 5 spot or fin for $5, and a twen for $20. Using this vocabulary in unexpected ways will surprise your public speaking audience and, let’s hope, make them laugh. If your public speaking audience consists of uptight investment bankers and you change their jargon, you are guaranteed a laugh.

Also, remember that the rule of brevity in the world of public speaking excludes numbers. Instead of shortening your phrases, exaggerate the numbers by using the long form. Instead of saying 4’2”, say four feet two inches or one thousand two hundred instead of twelve hundred.

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