Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Public Speaking : Mock Ups

Mock ups are an interesting way to add humor to any public speaking event. Typically, a mock up is a changed version of a newspaper, book, etc., that fits with your presentation. Today’s word processors provide a simple way to develop a variety of publications.

A way to ensure your public speaking audience will find humor in this is to use a medium or topic related to them. David Glickman, a parody writer, uses the Dummies series to invoke laughter. He changes the title of the series to something the members of the audience will find amusing and relative. You could copy this idea for any situation. Say you are presenting to a room full of lawyers. The cover of the book could say Lawsuits for Dummies, or something of the like.

This unconventional humor tactic will go over well with any public speaking engagement as long as it fits the occasion!

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