Monday, November 19, 2007

Public Speaking : Malaprops

A quick way to add comedy to a public speaking event is to say something strategically stupid. You’re thinking, “What? What the heck does that mean?” If you know anything about comedian Norm Crosby, you have an idea. He used malaprops in his act and usually received standing ovations.

Now, I can’t promise your public speaking audience will shower you with the same accolades. However, if you use this technique correctly, you may hear a clap or two. Maaaybe.

A malaprop is a phrase that should make sense but doesn’t due to either the arrangement of words or word choice. For example, “Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named William.”
While this isn’t hilarious, it will add some comic value to your public speaking presentation. I don’t bet that it won’t!

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