Friday, November 09, 2007

Public Speaking : Finding Humor for Specific Industries

Tomorrow you will have a room full of doctors staring back at you during your public speaking event, and you’d like to score a point by having some humor related to their profession. Good call but how are you going to pull that off?

First of all, if the presentation is tomorrow, why didn’t you think of this before? Someone has been slacking off!

Secondly, each industry whether it be medical, political, or even underwater basket weaving, has websites, books, magazines, and newsletters geared to that specific area. Finding material to use in your public speaking engagement shouldn’t be too hard! You just have to look. I’d suggest starting folders on each industry when you come across usable material. That way, even if you’ve slacked off to the last minute to prepare your presentation (AHEM!) you’ll still have resources to work with.

What’s that? You haven’t started a folder yet and are strapped for time because your dog needs to be walked, your kids have a school project that is laying in 25 sections on your living room floor, and your friend Bob needs you to bail him out of jail, AGAIN….alright…well in this is a great time to use those contacts you’ve been making…someone you know from all that networking you’ve been doing is bound to know a few sources to help you out.

The easiest way? The internet. It’s your unlimited source of information! And, hey, while you’re on there, feel free to download some information for that on-going file you’re going to be keeping!

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