Monday, October 29, 2007

Public Speaking : Funny Question and Answer Sessions

Holding a funny question-and-answer session at the end of you public speaking presentation is a great way to come off as being spontaneously funny, even though we both know you are going to work really hard beforehand! There are several ways to have a session.

You can just wing it, going balls-to-the-wall and taking whatever public speaking questions your audience will throw at you. I recommend doing a little pregame brainstorm and trying to think of all the questions you may receive.

Another way you can make sure your public speaking question and answer sessions are funny is to put someone in the audience who you’ve contacted prior to the event. You can get them to ask a funny question or you can have a prepared funny response.

Some public speaking professionals use the ol’ 3 x 5 card trick. You ask you audience members to write down their questions. When you collect the cards, you can easily slip in some dummy cards that you created.

No matter which procedure you chose, this will be a great part of your public speaking event because it’s funny and engages the audience!

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