Monday, October 22, 2007

Public Speaking : Exaggeration

Exaggerating the truth can be a great way to add humor to a public speaking engagement. This involves changing parts of the truth to emphasize a point. When using this technique, you have to remember to exaggerate enough, if you don’t, chances are you’ll hear crickets because it won’t be funny.

For example, if you are giving a public speaking presentation to a group of dentists you can make a joke about them being in session that took three days to fill a cavity. Obviously, this is an unlikely situation…well, let’s hope otherwise I’m never going to my dentist! However, it works because during those moments it probably feels like three days for some dentists, especially if there are difficulties.

When preparing for your public speaking event, take into account who your audience members are and how you can reach them by exaggerating the truth. Do so they will respond by sending you favoring emails, snail mail letters, bottles of champagne, trips to Hawaii, and a megayacht. No, really. They will!

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