Friday, October 05, 2007

Public Speaking : Bloopers

Based on the number of blooper TV shows out there, it’s safe to say that people like funny mistakes. You can use these clumsy moments to add humor to your public speaking presentations. While I’m not saying to create your own mishaps…well…if it works that’s up to you…but you can use the instances of others and twist them to work into your speech. People say and do funny things all the time, all you have to do relate that to the public speaking material or use it as a transition.

There are so many internet sites dedicated to bloopers and many of them are specific to certain industries. If you have a certain type of audience, you can go online and find some material. For example, you’re presenting to a room of while lab coats…we’ll call them doctors…before the public speaking event, try visiting medical-specific blooper sites, like Hanging out with athletes for the day? Try Googling “sports bloopers” to see what you can use.

Just don’t forget to reference where you found the material, if need be, and to remember not to get too caught up in the blooper research!

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