Friday, August 31, 2007

Public Speaking : Lay Down the Law

The last thing you want in your public speaking presentation is to really get into the program only to have to answer a question from the audience, which will most definitely result in more that one. That or someone to talk for ten minutes when you are trying to get your content across. Stop that before it starts!

In the very beginning of your public speaking event, give the audience a clear view of what to expect from the presentation and how you handle questions. If you want them to raise their hand whenever, tell them so. If you want them to participate, tell them so. If you want them to jump up and flap their arms like a chicken every time you say the words public speaking, tell them so!

The best way to go into a public speaking program is with everyone understanding their roles. Without addressing this in the beginning of your event, you’re inviting what you don’t want. So tell them you want flapping chickens!

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