Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Public Speaking : Gimme Three Steps

In martial arts, each step you take is purposeful and distinctive. While you won’t be kicking anyone in your public speaking event, this mindset is good to remember. Every word you utter has a purpose, similarly so should every movement.

Depending on where you move will emphasize or deemphasize your public speaking content. Maximize your presentations by practicing these techniques:

** Move toward the audience whenever you make a major point
** Step away from the audience (upstage) to the left or right when addressing the weaker points of your public speaking engagement
** Don’t stay center upstage, as this disengages the audience members because you are farther from them
** Get crazy and hop on into the public speaking crowd…maybe to practice some sidekicks…they’ll never expect it and it’ll add an element of fun to your event. Just don’t hang out there too long because not everyone will be able to see you, especially in larger crowds.

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