Monday, August 27, 2007

Public Speaking : Dynamic Range

Public speaking audiences are like Jolly Ranchers; you have to try all of them to see which you prefer, but in the end you’ll always have a favorite. Mine’s cherry…Jolly Ranchers that is.

When you are first getting started in public speaking, you want to take on as much work and varying audiences as possible, solely for the experience. After you find your niche and become a big time, like yours truly, you’ll be able to stay with the cherries and throw away the nasty grapes and oranges.

I coined the term Dynamic Range to define the best audience that suites a public speaker. Believe it or not, all audiences are not created equal and it’s your job to find out which ones work best for you. These are the different kinds:

** Serious or Outrageous Content
** Slow or Fast Speed of Delivery
** Slurred or Articulate Diction
** Stationary or Animated Movement
** Audience Needs.

Test yourself in each of these different public speaking parameters. Call in a professional to help you create an unbiased analysis to figure out which flavor works for you. So go ahead and try the grape…I swear it won’t kill you.

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