Monday, September 11, 2006

Public Speaking: Cool Color Commentary

Flip Chart Color
  • Black, blue and green inks have the greatest visibility.
  • Blue is the most pleasing color to look at with red coming in second (note: pleasing to look at and visibility are not the same)
  • Do not do the whole chart in red ink.
  • Avoid purple, brown, pink and yellow inks.
  • Permanent markers give the most vivid color but dry out faster if you leave the cap off. They also frequently bleed thru to the next page. Forget trying to get the ink out of your clothes.
  • Water colors are less vivid and squeak when you write. This ink will wash out of clothing.
  • Use Color Thoughtfully
  • Use bright colors for small graphics to make them stand out.
  • Use subtle colors for large graphics so they don't overwhelm.
  • Use Color Psychologically

According to Greg Bandy in Multimedia Presentation Design for the Uninitiated certain colors evoke certain emotions.

  • RED = Brutal, Dangerous, Hot, Stop!
  • DARK BLUE = Stable, Trustworthy, Calm
  • LIGHT BLUE = Cool, Refreshing
  • GRAY = Integrity, Neutral, Mature
  • PURPLE = Regal, Mysterious
  • GREEN = Organic, Healthy, New life, Go Money
  • ORANGE / YELLOW = Sunny, Bright, Warm
  • WHITE (if I make the example white you couldn't see it) = Pure, Hopeful, Clean
  • BLACK = Serious, Heavy, Profitable, Death

Since "death" is a pretty heavy way to end this section, I made this sentence orange which = Sunny, Bright and Warm :)

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