Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Public Speaking: Can you guess this lady's name?

Who is this lady?

Back in 1991 this lady started me in the speaking business.Since then, I've traveled the world all first class and havereceived riches and praise beyond my wildest dreams.

I've been on the cover of her magazine and I've headlined many ofher events.

Do you know who she is yet? I'm giving you clues.
  • She wrote a book similar to the famous one Napoleon Hill wrote.
  • She started the association of speakers bureaus.
  • She's advised some of the biggest name speakers in our industry.
  • She owns one of the longest running speakers bureaus in America.

Any guesses yet?

  • She started her advertising business while pushing a rickety babystroller because she couldn't afford a baby sitter.
  • She authored the first ever audio album and book on selling to women.

Give up yet?

It's Dottie Walters and she is also founder of the MagnificentMarketing Seminars. Have you heard of them?

If not, you must check it out. She's bringing in me again alongwith a host of high achievers who will bare there souls to you inan intimate setting . . . This isn't one of those 1000 person giant more impersonal seminars.

You get up close and personal with all the speakers.

Check it out at

I'll see you there.
Tom Antion

P.S. Don't delay one second. I've spoken at this event about 5times. It is always in a small room and max attendance is 75Click over there right away.

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