Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Public Speaking Tip: Go Early

I recently spoke to about 450 people at Mark Joyner's Survival Tactics Marketing Seminar. I spoke on the last day after many fine speakers had gone before me.

My tip here is to listen to all the speakers before you whenever you can. That way you can either refer back to what they said or avoid duplicating things they said which would reflect poorly on you.

In this case I was also able to pick out things from the other speakers and play off them.

EXAMPLE: Superstar speaker Ted Nicholas said that advances in health care and longevity would soon allow people to live to be 120 years old. He said he was going to throw a $10,000.00 seminar on his 120th birthday.

I came on and said that not only was I going to throw a $10,000.00 seminar on my 120th birthday, but that I was going to give the audience members a big discount if they gave me a deposit today. -- Everyone cracked up.

So go early when you can and pay attention to the other speakers.

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