Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Brand New TeleSeminar by Tom Antion Sunday November 28

"Web Logging (Blogging) for Fun and Profit:
How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Business and Your Agenda"

Sunday, November 28th 8:00 PM Eastern time
(Can’t make it? Don’t worry the first 100 to register get the CD included in the deal and Tom pays the shipping)

Blogging, AKA Web Logging, AKA Online Journaling is growing faster than the world wide web did when it was at its peak.

If you've never published on the web before, OR you're only relying on an email magazine to promote your business, then this is the seminar for you.

From politicians, to business executives to small business people just about everyone is turning to blogs to get their message out. In this high content how-to-do-it Teleclass you will learn why.

Register for this teleclass and discover:

  • What blogging is . . . and just how easy and fast it is for you to get started
  • 6 no cost or dirt cheap software products and services you'll need to get started . . . You can actually have your own blog 5 minutes after the seminar for absolutely nothing.

  • How to update your blog with simple email . . . you can even send in updates via email that appear automatically on your blog

  • How you can even call in updates from your cell phone from a mountaintop if you want to. . . updating your blog can't get much easier.

  • Why your blog can get more traffic than your website . . .search engines love them.

  • How to test your ideas in hours instead of weeks. . . why spend months developing an idea that no body wants?

  • 18 features available for your blog . . . you can start out for nothing with a basic blog or get a Rolls Royce blog for about 40 bucks.

  • 3 ways smart bloggers turn their blog into cash . . . this can be a fun tool, but you'll see how to get yours to turn big bucks.

And if you've ever registered for a Tom Antion teleclass, youknow there will be much, much more.

Sign up right away because teleclass bridge line space is limited and Tom's classes sell out quickly . . .AND don't forget, the first 100 to register get the recording as Tom's gift.

To register for only $29.95 visit :
You'll get all the details immediately.

Jocelyn Holman, Tom's assistant

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