Monday, October 11, 2004

OK I'm back to preparing for my big upcoming event

Well I just completed a retreat weekend here at my house and I'm back to preparing for my big event in Los Angeles. I fly out Wednesday so it's really time to get all my ducks in a row.

I'm going to make some more Camtasia videos tonight and tomorrow. Camtasia is a screen capture video program that let's me record anything I can display on my computer screen. I can also narrate what is being seen on the screen while I'm recording.

I'll certainly be recording this blog since it's brand new and Internet related (which is what I'm speaking about.


I'll also be locating the closest Kinkos copy center to the hotel so that I can email them copies of my order form and have them deliver it to the hotel. I used to have to run around town before I left for my speech and then ship the heavy boxes of handouts and order forms to the event . . . or worse yet . . . carry them with me on the plane. ....No more. I just do it all by email and you can pretty much find a kinkos that will deliver just about anywhere in the USA.

This doesn't mean you can forget about taking handouts and such with you. I always carry masters with me in case of disaster.

Well. I have to get back to preparing, so I'll check in again tomorrow.

Catch ya.

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