Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm preparing for a big event

Hello everyone. I'm busy preparing for the Mega Speaking Empire event put on by Mark Victor Hansen in Los Angeles next week. If you haven't signed up, you can check it out at

So here's how I've been preparing:

1. I decided on a theme. I'm pretty well known for doing things on stage that most people wouldn't dare try. Since I've spoken at this event several times before, I'm going to do something different. . . . a halloween theme. I bought lots of masks and I'll have a fun opening that includes masks and even a straightjacket!

2. I wrote a parody song and recorded it. I'll have some past parody songs for you to listen to as soon as I figure out how to do it.

3. Since I'm speaking on Internet marketing techniques for speakers, I'm gathering all the new things I've been doing (including starting this blog) and preparing my comments.

4. I shipped lots of products using Fed Ex Ground to the hotel along with all my props. I don't trust anybody but Fed Ex.

5. I double checked my room reservations, emailed my intro and checked all the paperwork. I'm doing this way in advance, because I have one of my retreat weekends here at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center and then I have to fly out right after it's over. Normally I wait till the last minute on everything.

6. I also shipped my trade show booth materials.

I have to run, so I'll check in later or tomorrow with the other things I'm doing to prepare for a big event.
Catch ya

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